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All packages include the following:
     Free website set up. (we port content and your data out of your existing website)

     System is designed to aid in ADA Compliance for all packages



Basic Package

   ·         User Profile

   ·         Website

   ·         Share content on Social Media

   ·         Customized menu design: background, Front page with restaurant logo, etc.

   ·         2 Product Lines or Menus + Drinks, with multiple categories

   ·         100% Contactless Interactive eMenu items (not a PDF image)

   ·         Real-time menu updates

   ·         Customized fonts, sizes and colors

   ·         Option to add images, videos and audio to each item

   ·         100 Emails sent per month

   ·         1GB Storage

   ·         3 User content editors

   ·         Email support during standard business hours

   ·         SEO Configuration

   ·         50 Gb of Bandwidth



Intermediate Package

Basic package+:

   ·         No data entry needed - The initial menu setup is done by us

   ·         Website subscription

   ·         3,000 emails sent per month

   ·         3GB Storage

   ·         Analytics to see what your customers are clicking on

   ·         PDF Generator

   ·         Events Calendar

   ·         Linking Websites as a Group (great for multiples sites)

   ·         Website consumer messaging/contact us

   ·         100Gb of Bandwidth

   ·         Domain Name

   ·         SSL Certificate



Advanced Package

Basic package+ Standard+:

   ·         Forms (great for events and banquets)

   ·         5,000 Emails sent per month

   ·         5GB Storage

   ·         1000Gb Bandwidth

      It is easy to change your package level after you sign up, so you may get onboard and decide between package levels later on.
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