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What is e-Demeter analytics

In simple terms, the goal of our Analytics is to gather insights as well as your consumer interests in areas or segments of your business.  This is done by monitoring your website visitors as well as using Machine Learning, while being active on your website.

The data is presented in graphical as well as tabular formats.  It is also used for targeting email campaigns, which all are built-in and integrated into e-Demeter app-suite.  For example; as new articles are available on your site, emails can be scheduled to those consumers, who would be interested in those articles.  Other examples might be insights as what category of content your consumer might be interested to read.

e-Demeter for your added data-privacy and better tailoring analytical insights to your business segment, has developed its own technologies for the analytics.  e-Demeter does not use third-party analytics, which they govern and centralize your analytics. Most other website providers use third-party analytical service providers.

We are committed to your analytics, your data-privacy and we constantly improve.  All your analytics are easily accessible from your dashboard.


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