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Email is still one of the most effective marketing channels.  e-Demeter makes it easy and intuitive for you to set up email marketing campaigns.  Our technology stack embeds workflows to keep your consumers connected through emails.  Our workflow includes a database of your subscribers that you can access from within e-Demeter allowing: content tagging, proprietary analytics, preparing emails, and machine-learning for email targeting.  By using e-Demeter proprietary web analytics it becomes effortless to gather data about user behavior. 

At a high-level, e-Demeter prepares email creation in two different formats, automated email creation, and creation manually.  The automation is done by the click of a button, on a specific piece of content or a specific product, such as drinks, dishes, etc…. An email campaign is then scheduled and automatically sent on your timeline, once sent you will be able to see the results in the analytics interface to measure the effectiveness of your outreach. 


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