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Website Recommendations

All our website package details are listed in the Pricing article.  Our free package bundles many features, we recommend that you look into the free package first.  It is easy to change your package after joining, this way you may select the package that fits your business needs for the best price.

Basic package (free)
Intermediate Package
Advanced Package

All packages include:

     Free initial set up
     Free support
     Free social media sharing
     ADA- Compliance

Initial Settings:
We’ll do initial settings and help you throughout.  If you have an existing website, we will take the necessary information out your existing website.  Otherwise, you’d need to assign a contact person, where we can obtain the information.  You may also allocate a person, whom we can show how to make use of e-Demeter features to maintain a community interactive website.

Our experts, including the Helpdesk are always available within the messaging capable network to answer your questions.  Also, Helpdesk on your behalf at your request may make the necessary modifications to your site.

All our sites are secured and encrypted via free SSL certificates.
Your console / admin page is accessible only through permission level that you set.  Your staff or helpers are granted permission to areas that you define.  For example; person having access to menus, products or pricing could be different to the person writing content or the person dealing with the social medias.

ADA Compliance:
e-Demeter tries to be ADA compliance. 
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