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When it comes to social media, current and updated content is king!  Content marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your target audience.  A presence in social media that is effective requires that the content is primary; disorganized content or difficulty in locating the core idea of the content can result in your audience's frustration and result in them leaving your website.  So, it is imperative that the content for your consumers are organized, controlled and accessible.  As a producer of content, the workflow should be intuitive and effortless to create, update and manage.  The e-Demeter site is designed to provide these capabilities.  Our websites are developed to be compatible and work well with the social medias.  We provide landing pages for your postings on the social medias, making it easy to share postings, as well as consumer story sharing on your own website.

Social media is now one of the key locations for selling product or services along with your website. This is one of the functions of e-Demeter allowing you to connect with your social media and website along with email marketing.  A quarter of consumers say they have find new businesses and products through recommendations or posts on social medias, they also influence more than half of the purchase decisions.

If you host events, are a local band or are guests at events, then you know local content is the king of connectivity and should be communicated through social media.

Using e-Demeter platform you may easily share your content, events or products with social medias; such as Facebook, Twitter as well as your own (e-Demeter) website.

Facebook and Twitter can be used to broadcast new products or promoting them, in tweets or posts!  For example for Twitter; when a new professional review is released on one of your products, it’ll be good to tweet that product with that review, which can be done within our app.  On the other hand Facebook is great for your consumers sharing your postings with their friends, which increases your website traffic by the friends of your consumers.  e-Demeter also provides its own Story Sharing on your own website, which other than text, it includes consumer uploading images and short videos.

In summary; as far as social media, everything comes down to content, plus the fact that content marketing strategy can help you boost keywords rankings within the search engines.  Our platform is designed to work well with the social medias.  Which means more consumers reach your website and enhance downstream metrics like subscriptions and sales.


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