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Several times a year, Google makes significant and broad changes to their search algorithms which are referred to as "core updates”.  Google’s release of May 2022 focuses on content to validate and rank the relevance, trustworthiness, and expertise of the information on your site.  Google for higher rankings suggests focusing on ensuring you are offering the best content you can.  That’s what their algorithms seek to reward.  Google also provides some guidelines for the content.  Their search algorithm focuses on relevance, trustworthiness, and expertise.  The google search engine considers many factors related to the search terms, which include the content of your pages, the expertise of your site, and location.

The above consideration is the strength of the e-Demeter solution, we focus on the technology stack that presents your content in a well-structured format suitable for search engines, social media, and your consumers. The e-Demeter SEO admin page recommends terms to optimize web page content to take advantage of ranking boost.


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